The First Anniversary of the Founding of Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou
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On 18 Jul., the First Anniversary of the Founding of Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou and the General Meeting of the Founding of Hackerspace Union of Colleges and Universities in Hangzhou were held in our district.

Zhang Hongming fully affirmed the achievements gained by Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou in the past one year, and congratulated the founding of Hackerspace Union of Colleges and Universities in Hangzhou. He said that Hangzhou had injected innovation advantages and characteristics continuously during recent years; the innovation effect was obvious, the entrepreneurship space was active and the innovation & entrepreneurship platform developed continuously, presenting a good momentum that “a single spark can start a prairie fire”. Meanwhile, we should deeply realize that innovation is endless, so we need to advance at top speed, make persistent efforts, consolidate the basis, and create a new performance. Zhang Hongming hoped that Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou and Hackerspace Union of Colleges and Universities in Hangzhou could further determine the orientation, strengthen the service, and gather more colleges, universities colleges and universities and social innovation resources, to improve the ability and level of Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou to link and integrate international innovation resources. We need to express the prosperous development advantages of Hangzhou in historic culture, natural ecology and new internet economy via the general trend of national scientific and technological innovation meeting, “two sessions and two districts”, and urban internationalization. New effect should be gained in scientific and technological innovation, making entrepreneurship and innovation platform richer, subjects more active, and achievements more obvious. New development should be realized for industry innovation, making products of Hangzhou more competitive, industries larger, and development more powerful. Besides, new actions should be taken for institutional innovation, making the policy more flexible, talents more concentrated, and entrepreneurship more effective. In this way, more powerful supports can be provided for accelerating industry transformation and upgrading in Hangzhou.

Till June this year, Hackerspace Union had covered 99 registered enterprises, in which 14 enterprises (including Youth Entrepreneurship Iteration Space, e-works of Zhejiang University, Bioclub and Looyoo) were brought into national incubator management system by Ministry of Science and Technology, and 45 of them were identified by Hangzhou City. The total area of Hackerspace Union is 120,300 square meters. During the past one year since Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou was founded, 1,430 entrepreneurship and innovation teams (projects) have settled down, 938 enterprises have been registered, the total registered capital is 1.924 billion Yuan, and 15,596 social employers have been absorbed. Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou has established or integrated 98 funds, and the total capital scale reaches 7.2 billion Yuan.

In addition, our city has positively vitalized resources, provided open services, comprehensively linked the departments, spared no efforts to gather resources, introduced district-level registration system, and perfected venture capital investment system. It has gained approval and praise from Ministry of Science and Technology as well as numerous science and technology incubators, venture capital investment institutions, and entrepreneur teams. It becomes a new sample plate for the construction of maker space.

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