District Education Bureau Learned to Implement the Spirits of District Party Committee Plenary Meeting and “Two Sessions”
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In the afternoon of 18 Jan., Chen Yutang (Secretary of Party Committee and Director of District Education Bureau) convened a meeting, to convey the spirits of the 9th Plenary (Enlarged) Meeting of the 4th District Party Committee and “two sessions”, especially to convey the plenary meeting report and meeting summary speech spirits of Secretary Zhan Min as well as Government Work Report made by District Mayor Jin Zhipeng at the 5th Session of the 4th NPC of the district. Leaders above the middle level in the bureau attended this meeting.

It is considered at the meeting that the report made by Secretary Zhan Min has reviewed the achievements gained in 2015 and the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, which are quite exciting. Meanwhile, the “13th Five-Year Plan” is deployed and the work task of the next year is arranged. The objective is clarified and the direction is pointed out. It has important significance for further unifying thoughts in the district and gathering strength.

It is pointed out at the meeting that education in Binjiang has gained a new performance in 2015 under the support of the whole district and joint efforts of all educators. Since the five-year action plan of education vitalization was carried out, the medium-term goal in 2015 has been completed successfully, affirmed by various parties. However, we should soberly realize that education in Binjiang still lags behind our economic development level and urbanization course. In the next stage, education system of the whole district should deeply implement the spirits of the 9th Plenary Meeting of the 4th District Party Committee and the spirits of “two sessions”. An overall plan should be made by centering on G20 Summit. A special emphasis should be laid on the following three aspects in 2016. Firstly, attention should be paid to infrastructure construction and the problem of “studying difficulty” must be solved effectively. As a new district, Binjiang is faced with the current situation of fast population importing, so infrastructure construction should still be valued. The maximum construction force should be realized in 2016, and construction in process must be advanced smoothly. Secondly, the education quality should be improved and common people’s demand for “reading good books” must be satisfied. In recent years, some achievements have been gained in the aspects of curriculum reform, education internationalization and teaching staff construction. Especially in 2015, the force of teaching staff construction was huge, and four documents were issued. Top-level design of teacher education was completed. Supporting measures should be comprehensively taken in 2016 and sufficient policies must be adopted. Thirdly, smart education projects should be promoted, and an effect and sample plate must be gained. By combining with the practical situations in the high-tech zone (Binjiang), a three-year action plan of smart education was formulated in 2015, and specific implementation of various projects should be advanced in 2016. By making endeavors in three years, we try to enter the front row in the whole city and create a reproducible sample plate.

The meeting aims to make all comrades learn and understand the spirits of the plenary meeting and “two sessions”. Educators must have an overall consciousness and try to know about key works of the district. They need to formulate the “13th Five-Year Plan” of education by focusing on the “13th Five-Year Plan” target of the government. G20 Summit will be held in 2016, so we should make a plan and discover problems in advance, to make contributions to the guarantee of G20 Summit and promotion of “three pioneering works” in our district.

At the meeting, requirements are raised for campus security and construction of honest administration before the vacation.

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