“Grid Chief” Conference of Binjiang District Was Held
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On 23 Jul., “Grid Chief” Conference of Binjiang District was held in the cultural center. The conference discussed how “grid chiefs” perform duties and responsibilities and how district government officers provide paired services for grid and participate in stability and security maintenance work. Moreover, “one day one theme” work of the district was deployed at the meeting. District leaders Yu Shaoping, Zhou Jianhang and Ye Ze attended the meeting.

Firstly, the meeting analyzed the situations and tasks faced by our district in service and guarantee for G20 Summit at present. It was pointed at the meeting that service and guarantee for G20 Summit is not only an honor but also a responsibility. It will provide both opportunities and tests for us. Every person living in Binjiang is the host, and needs to make a contribution. In the previous stage, various sub-districts and the extensive party members, cadres and masses have brought about earth-shaking changes to the environment of Binjiang through the highly effective work under the leadership of district committee and district government, including “three reforms and one demolition”, “treatment for five kinds of edema”, and environment renovation. However, we should soberly realize that the job of service and guarantee for G20 Summit covers multiple points, extensive aspects and huge workload. The whole district should present a fighting spirit, to guarantee the realization of “five-beauty” target, ensure completion of stability and security maintenance task. We should try to display the special style of the High-Tech Zone (Binjiang).

The meeting comprehensively deployed the following issues. “What and how do grid chiefs need to do?” “Why do government officers enter the grid and what should they do after entering the grid?” The meeting emphasized that grid was the cell of a city. Only by guaranteeing the security of every grid, can we ensure the security of Binjiang. Only by guaranteeing the harmony of every grid, can Binjiang become harmonious. The 231 “grid chiefs” in the whole district should make an example and unite the extensive grid workers, corridor chiefs and security volunteers to take further actions. They should try hard to work as security propagandist, information officer, hidden danger identification personnel, contradiction mediator, public security officer, and civilization advisor. In terms of working methods, they must realize initiation, linkage and action. As for the working contents, they need to clarify persons, objects and hidden dangers. In the aspect of job requirements, they must use their eyes, legs and mouths at the same time. The meeting requires the extensive government officers to take immediate actions and enter the working state of grid. They should fully realize that grid work is the practical need for service and guarantee for the summit, the basic requirement of implementing “Two Studies, One Action”, and the effective approach to improve the working ability. In specific work, they must obey the arrangement, submit themselves to directions, actively participate in stability and security maintenance work, find problems in time, propose countermeasures and suggestions, and coordinate relevant issues.

Besides, at the meeting, requirements for the implementation of “one day one theme and one week one cycle” mechanism in the district were raised. It emphasized that various communities should center on environment renovation, stabilization and civilized improvement. It deployed three aspects, covering promotion of grid party building, integration of work forces, highlighting of information supports, strengthening of problem mediation, and innovation of governance modes.

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