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As the world’s leading big data marketing enterprise, AdTime has successfully become a leader in digital marketing field by relying on its abundant technical strength and continuous product innovation for many years. Its own big data platform can process 10 billion user exposures every day, covering 500 million netizens. It provides multiple services for enterprise clients, including advertisement marketing, industry market analysis, commercial public opinion and data increment.

As the first innovative technical advertisement company that applies big data technology, AdTime can provide one-stop marketing services and solutions of all networks (internet, mobile internet and interactive TV) for advertisers. As the leading enterprise in digital marketing field, AdTime always sets technology as its core competitiveness, and proposes the future advertising and marketing mode based on multi-screen digital information transfer, interaction and visualization.

The corporate headquarters is located in Hangzhou, and it has established technology research and development centers in Beijing, Hangzhou and Silicon Valley respectively. Meanwhile, it has founded joint labs with multiple research institutes at home and abroad. At present, it has more than 400 employees, 50% of which are research personnel. Its technical team is mainly composed of senior experts from Microsoft, Huawei, Baidu, Yahoo and Alibaba, gathering elites in the fields of data analysis, advertisement marketing, artificial intelligence and interactive originality.

 In view of the in-depth application and continuous innovation of big data technique, AdTime took the lead in introducing China’s first big data management platform – Atlax cloud picture in 2012. This platform is characterized by mass data, real-time computing, cross-network platform fusion, multi-user behavior analysis and multi-industry report analysis. It aims to explore the profound relationship of data, to establish a visualized big data platform, and to provide comprehensive data supports for marketing services.

 Based on its own data management platform, AdTime has introduced the first cross-network multi-screen programmatic purchase platform AdMatrix in China. As for the advantage of this platform, it can provide strategy services for customers to the largest extent. By combining with advertisers’ different advertising needs and consumers’ changeful terminal use habits, AdMatrix can realize efficient cross-screen real-time advertisement scheduling and provide perfect advertisement putting decisions for enterprises.

 AdTime vigorously advocates the brand-new marketing mode of multi-screen interaction. It aims to increase the online advertisement value through multi-screen three-dimensional advertisement strategies by combining with its strong resources on the basis of big data platform. Multi-screen advertisement can not only provide more accurate marketing services for advertisers but also deeply communicate with the audiences via different terminal interaction modes. In this way, brand memory can be strengthened and the advertising effect will be effectively improved.

At present, AdTime has already established a complete set of “big video and big move” marketing ecosystem, to provide fruitful advertisement marketing services for nearly 500 customers of automobile, fast moving consumer goods, e-commerce and education industries.

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