Award on Contribution of Intangible Assets
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Policy name

Award on Contribution of Intangible Assets

Policy contents

If contribution or capital increase is conducted with intangible assets such as patent and intellectual property, award will be given according to 2‰ of the actually paid contribution amount of intangible assets when the registered capital of 1 million dollars is paid.

Application condition

1. The enterprise is newly established or capital increase is conducted; the project accords with the industry guide of high-tech zone and is identified by the district.

2. The contribution amount of intangible assets is above 1 million dollars

Responsible officer

Department: Business Bureau of Hangzhou High-Tech Zone (Binjiang)

Address: Floor 7, Binjiang District Government of Hangzhou City

Tel: 87702052; 87702516; 87702395; 87702512

Contact person: Zhou Yi, Sheng Danyan, Tang Liang and Lai Xiaoyan

Application materials

1. Application report

2. Copies of Business License, Tax Registration Certificate and Organization Code Certificate of the newly established enterprise or the enterprise involving capital increase

3. Capital Verification Report

4. Intangible Assets Evaluation Report issued by professional institutes

5. Copies of Business License and Tax Registration Certificate of the intangible assets investors or copies of the identity cards (passports) of individual investors

6. Other materials that should be provided according to the requirements of different projects

Application date: Apply after being qualified

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