2019 Hi-tech Enterprise Identification and Management Training Binjiang Training Notice
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In order to promote the development of high-tech industries, we will implement the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Cultivation of High-tech Enterprises in Hangzhou(2018-2020)" and do a good job in the declaration of key state support for high-tech enterprises in 2019. The Hangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission has decided to hold a training meeting on the identification and management of high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou in 2019. The training meeting is divided into seven sessions according to the region. See the training notice for the details of the Binjiang special event.
Time, place and participants of the Conference
Time: November 6(Tuesday) 9:00 am
Venue: Multi-purpose hall, 4th floor, North Building, Haicang Base, Binjiang District(368 Liuhe Road)
Participating units: Binjiang District and other nearby enterprises and institutions personnel;
Meeting Contact: Huanglimei 15906667915
Contents of the meeting
1. It is planned to invite the science and technology management department to explain the relevant policies for the declaration of 2019 high-tech enterprises;
2. To invite technical experts to explain the business knowledge of the relevant technology in the declaration of 2019 high-tech enterprise certification;
3. It is planned to invite the city tax bureau and financial experts to explain the declaration of 2019 high-tech enterprise certification related to tax and financial business knowledge.
III. Other matters
Participating enterprises go on their own without paying any training fees.
Registration method: Please report the list of participants to the Hangzhou High-tech District Science and Technology Bureau before October 31, and send the receipt to the mailbox: Hzgxqrdb@163.com, contact person: Guliming 87795819; Doujunyu.

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