The "no. 1 project" of high-tech zone (binjiang) is running at full speed
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In recent years, binjiang has closely followed hangzhou's strategic deployment of "building the first city of national digital economy" and made every effort to promote the "integration of three technologies". As a result, the digital economy has made great progress, and the industrial development pattern of emerging industries and distinctive and advantageous industries has been formed.

In the first half of this year, the added value of the core industries of digital economy in binjiang reached 50.51 billion yuan, up 16.6% year-on-year, 1.1 percentage points higher than the city's growth rate.

Focus on the strongest to create "nine batch"

It is easy to see from the data that, with the in-depth integration of "Internet +" and various fields, digital economy shines brilliantly as the "no.1 project" and becomes the key engine of binjiang's high-quality development. At the provincial digital economy development leading group office's latest digital economy development in zhejiang province "2018 comprehensive evaluation report, in the development of our infrastructure, new pattern of industrialization, the digital industry, the new digital forms, the government and social total five aspects of the digital economy comprehensive evaluation index is 148.4, among the province's 89 counties (city, area).

At present, the tide of digitization is washing every corner of binjiang's economic and social development. How to grab hold of opportunity, overall layout? Binjiang's answer is to improve its standing and create "nine batches".

On April 28, the whole economic work conference and the digital economy development of our strongest point, for a large number of high-quality enterprise, printed and distributed to the hangzhou hi-tech zone (binjiang) construction of digital economy the strongest action plan (2019-2021), clearly make the schedule, construction of digital economy the strongest area, put forward building "a batch of" nine: Gather a number of industrial talents, cultivate a number of industrial clusters, strengthen a number of competitive enterprises, break through a number of "bottleneck" technologies, build a number of platform carriers, promote a number of smart applications, export a number of smart supply solutions, innovate a number of institutional policy supply, and create a number of influential conference and exhibition brands.

Aiming at "talent + technology" to cultivate core competitiveness

Seeking the development of digital economy, digital core technology cannot be "stuck". In order to develop the growth source of binjiang digital economy, our district vigorously promotes the introduction and construction of key technology platform, especially supports the establishment and development of beihang hangzhou innovation research institute, and strives to contribute more basic research and original technology in the development of digital economy.

At present, 6 research centers led by 7 academicians focus on research in the fields of quantum information, artificial intelligence, cyber space security, microelectronics and information materials, instrument photoelectric, computer, software, etc. Currently, more than 70 teachers and students are resident to carry out scientific research, and 8 science and technology projects are approved.

Gather high-end talents. On May 5th, our district will hold the second hangzhou binjiang international talent festival to speed up the landing of the Nobel Prize workstation. From January to may this year, our district has introduced 518 new overseas high-level talents, 14 new talents engineering experts of all kinds, 2 special allowance experts of the state council, 3 new leading innovation and entrepreneurship teams of hangzhou, ranking the first in the city.

Next, riverside will be based on domestic autonomous control, continue to promote the core technology research and an emphasis on digital economy "BASIC industry" matrix (big data and chain blocks, artificial intelligence, digital security and network security, IoT IoT and IC chip design, cloud computing and other industrial cluster), strive to make breakthrough in key core of artificial intelligence software and hardware technology, accelerate the cloud computing from all walks of life to big data solution application oriented research and development, to create original innovation centre, the main position of independent innovation.

The information and communications industry is booming

As a large area of digital economy, the information industry and high-end manufacturing industry are like the "governor and governor" of binjiang economy. Binjiang regards 5G as the basic pipeline of the future information highway and a key step to get through the "governor and governor".

With an eye on the future application prospect of 5G, binjiang makes in-depth plans to lay out 5G industry. On May 10, China telecom group 5G innovation center settled in our district and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with our district. On May 17, China mobile 5G joint innovation center and zhejiang 5G open laboratory were settled in our district and officially put into use, accelerating the application of 5G cutting-edge technology and aggresing industrial chain resources. At the same time, our district actively docking with the tower and the three major operators to coordinate the promotion of 5G base station and machine room construction.

With digital transformation as the path, binjiang is accelerating the application of 5G in the field of industrial Internet. Not long ago, China telecom and zhejiang geely holding group co., ltd. carried out the pilot work of 5G Internet end-to-end typical scenarios such as vehicle risk warning, roadside information guidance and autonomous parking under 5G environment in the Olympic sports area. In the second hospital of zhejiang medical university, the first "5G remote green first-aid channel" has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of telemedicine.

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