The chief engineer of building liqun went to fuyang district and binjiang district to investigate the life and health industry
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On July 10, 2019, Lou liqun, member of the party group and chief engineer of the municipal science and technology bureau, went to fuyang district and binjiang district to investigate the life and health industry, combined with the three service activities of "never forget the beginning and keep the mission in mind".

In fuyang area, binjiang, LouLiQun line visited the sea is general pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., said han CDH pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou jin zhu machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, life and health companies such as medical instrument Co., Ltd., binjiang, listened to fuyang district technology bureau, technology bureau respectively about the life and health industry development situation of the report, and held a symposium. LouLiQun general construction of fuyang area, binjiang, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, life, health industry highlands achievements said that emphasize around health industry to strengthen the study of life, to find the gap, looking for a short board, grasp, grasp key, efforts to promote the development of hangzhou billions of life and health level industry with high quality, and puts forward three requirements: one to build the good development of ecological life and health industry. We should encourage enterprises to increase investment in scientific research and strengthen research and development of core and key technologies. Focus on effective market demand, actively play the role of the government. Second, we should strengthen efforts to attract talents and wisdom from the life and health industry. Human resource is the first resource. It is necessary to strengthen the strategic reserve of life and health r&d talents and increase the recruitment of talents in the life and health industry. Third, we need to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation. We should strengthen strategic cooperation with west lake university, zhejiang university and other universities and research institutes to promote the transformation of scientific research achievements in the life and health industry.

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