Spring is busy planting trees
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On March 11, the district four sets of leading group led the district level organ cadre more than 120 people to come to the wisdom xintiandi riverside greening park to participate in the voluntary tree planting activity, for our district along the river landscape to add a touch of green.

In the tree planting scene, everywhere is a scene in full swing. Everybody wields the spade to raise the earth, to dig the earth to plant the tree, to carry the water to irrigate, earnestly plants the green hope. More than 100 cherry blossom seedlings stand upright against the wind, showing a vibrant scene.

According to the introduction, in order to deeply carry out the national voluntary tree planting activities, to create a good social atmosphere of "green, green love, green protection", the district will continue to carry out the series of activities such as tree construction and adoption, to build "beautiful riverside".

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