Wentao Middle School was selected as one of the city's first incorrupted school demonstration sites
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A few days ago, the "clean school" in Hangzhou was held in Fuyang. As the representative of outstanding schools in Binjiang District, Wentao Middle School was successfully selected into the list of the first batch of incorrupt school demonstration sites in the city.

Building an "incorruption-free school" with riverside characteristics is an important political task, a major livelihood undertaking and a complex system project, which is related to the overall effect of the construction of "incorruption-free riverside". In recent years, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Binjiang District has given full play to the role of supervision, guarantee, implementation and promotion of improvement and development, promoted the construction of "clean school" with the goal of "clean political style, clean school style, clean teaching style and clean study style", and the iron discipline has been accompanied by "beautiful education", striving to improve the people's sense of happiness.

In the "clean school" construction process, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Commission dispatched the second discipline inspection and supervision team to explore the formation of "three regular" supervision methods, that is, regularly participate in the "clean school" thematic party committee, regular interaction and mutual evaluation to find a negative list, regularly organize the observation of clean school construction model. Under the guidance and promotion of this group, so far, Binjiang has built 10 demonstration sites of "clean schools", forming many excellent examples of "clean schools" construction.

On the other hand, the group adhere to the problem oriented, by wisdom means and number assigned to, to provide strong support for precise and efficient supervision, such as for campus financial budget management, food use, guide developed a "buy" qing "food" procurement supervision system and "financial cloud platform" supervision system, supervision and full coverage and effectiveness was further improved.

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