Changhe Sub-district
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Changhe Street is located in the core block of High-tech Zone (Binjiang), with a total area of 29.18 square kilometers (excluding Shunba reclaimed land, Dongjiang reclaimed land and 52,000 mu reclaimed land). It is divided into north and south by Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway as the boundary. It has jurisdiction over 20 communities (12 villages removed to build residential communities and 8 urban communities), with a registered population of 62,221 people, and a permanent population of 106,759 people who have lived for more than half a year within its jurisdiction. Changhe is an ancient town of thousands of years. There are 26.5 hectares of core protected area of historical district approved by the municipal government. There are still some historic sites such as Changhe Old Street, Nine Hall and Thirteen Hall, and Guanshan Temple. Also be the revolutionary old base area that municipal government approves, great revolution period, have underground party organization activity, carry out peasant movement, had been out of the party six big delegates.

In 2003, Changhe removed its town and built a street. With the support of China Internet Economy Demonstration Zone and White Horse Lake Ecological and Creative City, Changhe's economic and social undertakings have really stepped into a fast track. In 2007, the industrial economy exceeded 10 billion yuan, and in 2014, the revenue of technology, industry and trade reached 24.56 billion yuan. It has won many honors, such as Provincial Demonstration Street of Party Construction in Urban Community, Provincial Advanced Unit of Comprehensive Management of Social Security, Provincial Ecological Street, Provincial Advanced Sports Street, Provincial Sanitary Street and Provincial Demonstration Street of Harmonious Community Construction. Urbanization brings upside down to river, north slices with industrial projects, the provincial land is given priority to, the south is given priority to with ecological creative city project, ensure the like alibaba, netease, placement of key industrial projects, such as huawei, the basis for regional economic development, urban construction work at the same time, also promotes the development of changhe infrastructure, environment and cause of the people's livelihood has further improved. The economic development of Changhe started from the township industry. In 1987, the total output value of the township enterprises in Changhe exceeded 100 million yuan, and it once became one of the top ten towns in Xiaoshan and one of the top 100 towns in Zhejiang Province. There are 3 industrial blocks in the street, with a total area of 603 mu and a standard workshop of 545,000 square meters. There are 268 enterprises and more than 30,000 workers in the street.

In recent years, the street closely around the district committee innovation-driven transformation and development of the strategy, actively guide and encourage enterprises to take the initiative to connect to high and new, make full use of existing resources and advantages, Teng cage for birds, to achieve industrial transformation and promotion. Eight national and provincial high-tech enterprises have emerged, including Zhejiang Zhongnan Cartoon Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wanli Superhard Material Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Changyi Textile Equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Qishang Commercial Display System Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group, Hangzhou Yongli Motorcycle Co., Ltd., a number of national, provincial, municipal famous trademarks, brand products production enterprises; Hangzhou Reed Design Co., Ltd., Zhongnan Cartoon Film and Television Company and other cultural and creative enterprises; Zhejiang Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Tangtian Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Changyi Textile Equipment Co., Ltd., and other enterprises take the lead in formulating national and industrial standards; Zhejiang huaye holding group established cooperation with zhejiang university science park of zhejiang university riverside garden has declared a national innovation incubator, zhejiang win holdings group co., LTD. The life of the ark in successful project operation, metal wire drawing co., LTD. Hangzhou spare factory introduction hangzhou rhett design co., LTD. Hangzhou industrial design has become the leading enterprises, these enterprises become traditional imported technology, the model of the transformation and upgrading; River chemical in lianyungang, jiangsu, jiangxi penzer respectively set up production base, hangzhou changhe generating equipment co., LTD. And hangzhou lisheng plastic co., LTD., to establish production bases in tonglu, sheng group in moving the production workshop into xiaoshan, and began to promote reform of the original plant, the enterprise through the structural adjustment, realize the industrial transfer, to win the new development.

Community social undertakings benefit from urbanization and economic development, and have made considerable progress in recent years. Through increased investment in the community and regularized, service-oriented principle of party organization to create such as soft hard, community public service system more perfect, YiMenShi service hall service provides the convenience and benefit, represented by "56569" the wisdom of the service mode, but also highlights the human nature, personalized service, the central politics and law committee secretary meng jianzhu also gave full affirmation; At the same time, it extends its services to the new Hangzhou people, and has formed a distinctive "Entrepreneurship Settlement" project based on the service center for entrepreneurial workers. In addition, the street is also a unit of "Hangzhou Modernized Symbol Education Strong Street" and "Hangzhou Street Pre-school Education Standard". It has a community health service center and 12 city-level community health service stations that meet the standard, basically forming a 15-minute medical service circle. With street sports and sports centers, 20 sports and sports venues, 47 fitness spots, constitute the basic coverage of the sports and sports activities circle; The area also has a nursing home and a sanatorium station, two ecological graveyards, three breakfast squares, two star-level standardized farmers' markets, and some community farmers' markets are listed in the key projects of street people's livelihood every year to facilitate people's lives.

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