The number of industrial projects started in our district doubled year-on-year
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  In 2020, the speed up effect of industrial projects was remarkable. A total of 30 industrial projects including fluorite were set up, and 19 industrial projects such as Hongsoft were started, involving 430 mu of land and 6.14 billion yuan of investment. The number of industrial projects started doubled compared with the same period last year.

According to introducing, live by publishing industries such as electricity, life and health, 5 g special policy, focused on the industrial chain, to give innovation enterprise development fund, accelerate the introduction of or create a large number of au culture such as king, modest for media, tiger medicine global headquarters, hangzhou health headquarters hui, purple light 5 g network application and equipment research and development projects and other key projects, key chip can be seen that accelerated the industrial investment.

At the same time, the "Expanding Effective Investment Projects Concentrated Activities" in Binjiang Area of the Pilot Free Trade Zone has a significant driving effect. Ten companies have signed contracts to settle in the activity, covering an area of 175 mu with a total planned investment of 4.05 billion yuan. In addition, around the project promotion, strengthen the awareness of speed, inventory management, wall chart operations, to ensure that "planning and reserve one batch, start construction one batch, put into production and achieve effect one batch". Coordinated departments, coordinated division of labor between development and reform, economic and information technology, housing and construction and various industrial platforms, carried out leading circulation, enterprise communication, site survey and other work, and helped industrial landing projects to start early, put in storage early and land early.

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