Puyan Sub-district
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Puyan Sub-district is located in the west of Hangzhou High-Tech Zone (Binjiang) and to the south of Qiantang River Bridge, against Liuhe Pagoda across the river. Puyan was an important ferry above the Qiantang River during the Warring States Period.

Now the sub-district has 18 communities, occupying a total area of 21.27 square kilometers and covering a total population of 175.9 thousand. With a long history and profound cultural deposits, Puyan was the first town of 100 million Yuan in Xiaoshan. Moreover, it has obtained the following awards successively: Pilot Town of National Small Town Construction, National Advanced Cultural Station, National Advanced Unit of Scientific Popularization, Provincial Cultural Pearl of the East China Sea, Top 100 Counties and Towns of Zhejiang Province in Comprehensive Strength, Strong Town of Zhejiang Province in Education, and Provincial Hygiene Town. It was transformed into a sub-district in 2003.

In 2014, it realized a main business income of 18.89 billion Yuan, in which construction industry, trade industry and manufacturing industry took up 53%, 24% and 15% respectively. The fixed-asset investment reached 440 million Yuan; the general financial revenue reached 620 million Yuan; the available financial fund was 480 million Yuan. Moreover, 494 enterprises were introduced, covering a registered capital of 2.54 billion Yuan. Village-level tertiary industry projects of 125 thousand square meters were newly added; the annual increase of village-level collective rental income reached more than 40 million Yuan. The collective economic income of urban communities set up by dismantling villages reached 150 million Yuan, and the farmers’ per capita income was 25,471 Yuan.

In recent years, according to the development strategy of “industry guidance, innovative promotion, city and industry integration, and people’s livelihood first”, this region presents “three-high” characteristics including gathering of high-tech enterprises, spreading of upscale neighborhoods and dense distribution of higher education zones. At present, Zhijiang Block of Hangzhou Hi-Tech Development Zone, Higher Education Park of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou Entrepreneurial Base for Returnees from Overseas Study are all located in this region, and hundreds of new high-tech enterprises, including H3C, Eastcom and Supcon have settled down in the region. Moreover, nine provincial and municipal key schools, such as Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang Police College, Zhejiang Art School and Hangzhou No.2 High School, have entered Puyan. In addition, famous real estate companies, covering Vanke, Greentown, Qianjiang Real Estate, Nandu Jiangbin and Hangzhou Real Estate, have built more than 30 houses in this region.

Puyan Sub-district possesses obvious regional advantages. Qiantang River Bridge and Zhijiang Bridge connect the downtown and west part; Binjiang Wisdom Xintiandi has settled down in Puyan Sub-district. With the development and construction of Xintiandi, Puyan Sub-district will certainly become a strategic area to realize co-prosperity of Binjiang District and both sides of the Qiantang River. It will turn into a bright pearl in cross-river development.

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