Bao Jiaying deputy district governor a line of research district education research institute
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On the morning of January 8th, Bao Jiaying, deputy head of the High-tech Zone (Binjiang), Xu Qiaqiao, deputy director of the District Government Office, and Jiangfei, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the District Education Bureau visited the Education Research Institute of Binjiang District for investigation. Middle-level and above teachers from the District Education Research Institute participated in the survey.

Bao Jiaying listened to the work report of Su Jianqiang, president of District Education Research Institute, and had an in-depth conversation with participants to understand the work progress and next step plan of District Education Research Institute in detail.

Bao Jiaying, deputy head of the district, pointed out in the survey that in order to adapt to the development of the high-tech zone (riverside) industry, the district education research institute must be strong, leap-forward development, supernormal development. First, we need to continue to improve the organizational framework, strengthen the team building, and innovate the working mechanism so that the centers can operate substantively and efficiently. Second, we should seriously plan the key work and promote nodes in 2021, strive to be the first to create excellence, and create a good internal and external environment for standardized development. Third, it is necessary to implement the mechanism of regular investigation and promotion, solve development difficulties in a timely manner, constantly broaden the vision of education, and integrate high-quality resources inside and outside the region to increase vitality and impetus. Fourth, we should further strengthen the development guarantee mechanism, give full play to the function of district education research institute, promote accurate teaching and efficient learning in the district, and let students grow up happily.

District education bureau party secretary, director lai jiangfei emphasized in the survey, district education research institute to stand in the construction of regional education innovation ecology, to create a beautiful new highland of education, on the standard of the construction of the vision of the world first-class education height, tamp work ideas, innovation and development concept. Researcher's request is really pragmatic, should be good at grasping the project grasp the process to do deeply, promote the five education integration development innovation, practice the original mission of fair, fair and standardized.

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