Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Hangzhou United Bank signed the Party Building and Co-construction Agreement
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To thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, comprehensively implement the spirit of the fifth plenary session of the party's 19, in accordance with the "around the business to grasp the party party construction and promote development", pays special attention to the working train of thought, give full play to the role of party organizations fighting forts, December 23 afternoon, city technology bureau of the party group and hangzhou union bank signed the party party committee to build a cooperation agreement. Zhou Yang, Party Secretary of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Pan Honghua, Party Member and Deputy Director of the Bureau, Zheng Jianqiang, Party Secretary and President of Hangzhou United Bank, and Lu Hongyong, Party Member and Vice President of Hangzhou United Bank attended the signing ceremony.

Zheng Jianqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Hangzhou United Bank, introduced in detail the development situation of the bank, the promotion of Party building and cooperation, and the service of science and technology enterprises.

Jian-qiang zheng said the joint bank as local Banks of hangzhou, always follow the hangzhou science and technology industry layout, service focus on biological pharmacy, information technology, software development, high-end equipment manufacturing strategic emerging industries, such as hangzhou key support of new and high technology enterprise, science and technology development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the innovation service mode, deepen ZhengYinQi cooperation. He pointed out that Hangzhou Union Bank will take this cooperation as an opportunity to continue to give full play to its financial business characteristics and professional service advantages, devote resources to providing comprehensive financial services for Hangzhou science and technology enterprises, and fully support and cooperate with Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau in planning and layout of key work. It is hoped that through the sincere cooperation of both parties, the development of Hangzhou's science and technology industry will be provided with a stronger boost.

Zhou Yang fully affirmed the work of Hangzhou United Bank in the development of financial service technology enterprises and the implementation of the strategic cooperation between the two sides.

Zhou Yang said that since this year, the city science and technology bureau in-depth implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, to "five members led the creation" activities as the main starting point, in increasing the intensity of investment in research and development, the construction of science and technology innovation platform, foster innovation and entrepreneurship, deepen science and technology finance and other aspects of deep plowing, science and technology innovation work has achieved obvious results. For a long time, the municipal science and technology bureau always adhere to the party lead to deepen the theory of armed, this year the party construction work leading group was established according to the system of science and technology, and science and technology system in the city to carry out the "contact grams difficult to overcome, investigation, a researcher at the waiter, science and technology correspondent, innovation, cooperation" of the "five member brought gen, science and technology focused" party building brand activities, implement "cadre quality promotion plan", forging with execution, innovation, learning ability, centripetal force, the "five" self-discipline tiejun, science and technology to the construction of innovation, dynamic, open innings.

Zhou Yang pointed out that Hangzhou United Bank, as a leading agricultural commercial bank in the industry, attaches great importance to the development of science and technology finance business, actively participates in the innovation pilot of science and technology finance, and sets up a science and technology franchise organization. Through the development year by year, it has accumulated rich experience in the operation of science and technology finance. In recent years, Hangzhou United Bank has carried out a number of strategic cooperation with our bureau, jointly creating and promoting products such as "Gaoqi Loan" and "Incubation Loan" with Hi-Tech Guarantee. Through bank-government cooperation, we will further expand the scope and intensity of services for sci-tech financial enterprises.

Zhou Yang stressed that the signing of the agreement between the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Party Committee of the United Bank of Hangzhou is undoubtedly a "strong alliance" and will produce the effect that "1+1 is greater than 2". It is hoped that the two sides can further enhance the work of the grassroots Party organizations of both sides, stimulate the vitality of the Party members and create a new brand of Party building and joint construction through the establishment of a joint construction mechanism of "mutual learning in organization construction, interaction between Party members and cadres, mutual promotion of service brands, business activity interconnection and mutual use of service carriers". At the same time, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will continue to support Hangzhou United Bank to develop financial services, increase the support of science and technology financial policies, constantly optimize the service system of science and technology innovation, improve the system and mechanism of science and technology innovation, and jointly promote the development of science and technology in Hangzhou with the joint efforts of both sides.

Finally, representatives of the two sides signed an agreement on party building and joint construction. Party members and cadres attending the meeting took a group photo.

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