Several Opinions on Constructing the Core Area of National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zones and Building World-Class High-tech Parks
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First, objectives and tasks

Adhere to xi jinping, the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the new era, unswervingly along the August strategy "to guide the way ahead, to strengthen the reform, innovation, open and four human resource oriented, focus on" Internet + ", "2025" made in China "One Belt And One Road" and other national strategy, seize the hangzhou jiang development strategic opportunities and in a more wide field of vision, higher landscape orientation hi-tech zone (binjiang) development, to gather the high-end talent, actively take cutting-edge technology, actively expand the investment promotion and capital introduction, to improve the industry level, the hangzhou hi-tech zone (binjiang) into a global influence innovation entrepreneurship center, To build a world-class high-tech park for happy business and happy life.

II. Policies and measures

Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone (Binjiang) shall allocate no less than 15% of the annual financial expenditure as industrial support funds to support the development of high-tech industries and encourage enterprises to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. Adhere to the training and the introduction of high-end talents as the primary task of economic work, the high and new technology research and development as the key points of policy support of the most innovative companies as a continuous attention to the most important support object, the most important mission of the industrialization of high and new technology as a high-tech zone, the system and mechanism innovation as the important magic weapon, create new advantages, the city people deeply integrated production as one of the most basic principles of urban construction, building to adapt to the fast developing high-tech industry innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem.

(1) Implementing the strategy of strong talent area

1. Encourage high-level talents at home and abroad to innovate and start businesses. Budget not less than 150 million yuan a year, the implementation of a new round of "5050" plan, more high-level talents from home and abroad to our innovative entrepreneurial support, focus on introduction and gather a group of able to break through the key technology, developing high-tech industries, drive the emerging discipline of creative talents, and with international vision, familiar with international rules, to participate in international affairs and international competition of international talents, to create the optimal area talent ecological. The selected projects of the "5050" program will be provided with research and development subsidies, start-up and development subsidies, bank loan interest subsidies and rent subsidies, and the winners of talent programs at all levels will be provided with start-up and innovation funding and living subsidies, so as to speed up the construction of international talent communities.

2. Introducing, cultivating and retaining talents for innovation and entrepreneurship. The annual budget shall be no less than 500 million yuan, which shall be used as a special talent fund to support enterprises to improve the living and working conditions of innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Rewarding will be given to those selected as national "Young and Middle-aged Scientific and Technological Innovation Leading Talents", "Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents" and "Municipal 521". All kinds of talents (including those who have returned to study abroad) with full-time master's degree or above who are newly introduced to work in enterprises in our district will be provided with housing security by stratification and classification. The key talents of the new and high-tech enterprises and key enterprises in the areas will be given subsidies in housing, transportation and education. Encourage college students to innovate and start their own businesses and give them support.

(2) Implementing the industrial leading strategy

3. Promote the leapfrog development of leading enterprises. Budget not less than 500 million yuan a year, leading enterprise spanning development plans, further support in the field of key technology with core independent intellectual property rights, technical level or the industry leading position in the international leader in derivatives, integration development, give full play to its lead in the course of regional economic and social development, driving, radiation effect. Of listed in the "leading enterprises span development plan", support enterprises to continuous innovation, expanding investment, enhance the level of internationalization, the introduction of talent, expand the development space, and included in the annual year contribution to the area for fixed base, according to the enterprise to the area every year 50% of the actual contribution of new funding arrangement, to support the development of the enterprise investment, expand production, industrial investment, expand the market, the international exchange and green development.

4. Encourage the development of growth enterprises. The annual budget should be no less than 200 million yuan to support the development of gazelle enterprises. For the recognized gazelle enterprises, support enterprise innovation investment, guarantee development space, reduce financing cost and expand the market, and use part of the recognized annual contribution to the district to be used for research and development innovation, investment expansion and green development. For gazelle enterprises with an annual revenue of more than 300 million yuan (or tax revenue of more than 20 million yuan), more than 300 employees and a clear listing plan, priority can be given to land for industrial development.

Encourage the innovative development of science and technology enterprises. An annual budget of no less than 180 million yuan will be allocated for the cultivation of science and technology enterprises. College teachers and research and development teams are encouraged to establish science and technology enterprises, and start-up subsidies are given to those identified as city fledgling eagle enterprises and blue blue enterprises. We will encourage enterprises to carry out R&D and innovation activities, fully implement the policy of additional deductions for their R&D expenses, and support enterprises in increasing their R&D spending. Encourage enterprises to set up research and development centers and other types of innovation carriers to constantly enhance their competitiveness. Encourages the development of military-civilian integration, and grants to those who have obtained military industrial qualifications or the titles of national or provincial military-civilian integration demonstration bases (enterprises, projects).

6. Encourage the development of cultural and creative industries. Strengthen the construction of the core area of cultural and creative industries in Hangzhou, speed up the high-level, large-scale and characteristic development of cultural and creative industries, and promote the deep integration of culture, science and technology, culture and the Internet. We will focus on encouraging cultural and creative enterprises such as animation and games, design services, modern media, digital content, online literature, film and television industry, and cultural exhibitions. We will provide rent subsidies, loan interest subsidies and research and development subsidies to cultural and creative enterprises that have settled in China, encourage venture capital to invest in cultural and creative industries, and support the construction of a Chinese online writers' village. Encourage the creation of cultural and creative brands, and reward fine works of cultural and creative works and key cultural export enterprises. Accelerate the development of exhibition industry, play a good host of China International Cartoon Festival and Hangzhou Cultural Expo, build Baima Lake Ecological Creative City into an important international conference and exhibition center in Hangzhou, and create a national cultural industry demonstration park.

3. Implementing the innovation-driven strategy

7. Promote the construction of incubation system in an all-round way. Gather superior resources, support and guide venture capital institutions, professional teams and other social superior resources to establish or participate in the construction of mass innovation space and incubator. Encourage the establishment of national, provincial and municipal incubators and mass innovation Spaces, and give subsidies to the enterprises under incubation. We will support the establishment of public service platforms for investment and financing, such as incubators and mass innovation Spaces, and carry out entrepreneurship service activities. We will explore the establishment of overseas and domestic collaborative incubation and cultivation mechanisms. Improve the roadmap of "Entrepreneurship Nursery -- Incubator -- Accelerator -- Industrial Park", and improve the incubation system of enterprise cultivation.

8. Enhance the ability to create, utilize, protect and serve intellectual property rights. We will comprehensively promote the development of national intellectual property demonstration parks, national standard demonstration parks, national experimental zones for the development of patent navigation industries and national experimental zones for the agglomeration and development of intellectual property services. Support enterprise patent application, encourage application for patent awards, guide the cultivation of enterprises with intellectual property advantages; Support enterprises to lead and participate in the formulation of international standards, national standards and industrial standards with independent intellectual property rights; Encouraging enterprises to create well-known trademarks and famous trademarks; We will support enterprises in protecting intellectual property rights in accordance with the law; We will encourage the agglomeration and development of IPR service industries, focus on cultivating and introducing national IPR service brand institutions and leading IPR talents, and build an IPR innovation ecosystem.

(4) Greater support for science, technology and finance

9. Establish a fund to support science and technology innovation industries. The district finance invested 3 billion yuan in three years to establish the government science and technology innovation industry support fund, focusing on supporting high-tech industries, high-end technology, high-end talents and major industrial projects. Support enterprises to solve the funding problems of major technology research and development period through strategic cooperation mode; We will support enterprises to solve the difficulties of capital development and the problems of merger and reorganization through the investment model of different shares with the same rights. Support enterprises to solve the initial financing problem through the direct investment model of the same share and the same right; Support enterprises to solve the problems of financing and investment of industrial funds in specialized fields through cooperative fund investment mode.

10. Encourage and promote the listing of enterprises. We will innovatively implement the "Phoenix Action" of the provincial government and strive to achieve 100 listed companies by 2025. To support the listing and financing of enterprises, a phased and progress reward of 4 million yuan will be given to the enterprises to be listed, and a one-time reward of 1 million yuan and 250,000 yuan will be given to the enterprises listed in the national share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises (" new third board ") and Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center respectively. We will encourage refinancing and merger and reorganization of listed enterprises. Build training bases for listed enterprises, arrange special training funds of 5 million yuan every year, do a good job in serving listed enterprises, and form a reserve echelon of listed enterprises. Listed companies can give priority to providing land for industrial development to ensure that each listed company can own its own buildings and properties along the riverside.

11. Supporting technology enterprises in financing. Encourage venture capital institutions to settle in the high-tech zone (riverside) and invest in the area of science and technology enterprises. Encourage financial institutions to carry out financial innovation business, and encourage banks to give credit loans (including intellectual property pledge, order loans, etc.) to high-tech enterprises in the area. Encourage guarantee companies to actively provide financing guarantee for science and technology enterprises in the zone. Science and technology enterprises in the zone will be encouraged to issue corporate bonds for entrepreneurship and innovation and green bonds. We will work hard to reduce financing costs for science and technology enterprises, and effectively resolve the difficulty and high cost of financing for these enterprises.

5. Promoting all-round opening-up

We will focus on promoting investment attraction. The annual budget should be no less than 600 million yuan to encourage enterprises to invest and develop in our district. Domestic and foreign well-known enterprises are encouraged to invest directly. For newly introduced projects in line with the industrial orientation of the high-tech zone, three-year rent subsidy and contribution reward can be given according to the actual registered capital scale. Encouraging the scientific and technological enterprises to increase investment and the establishment of new scientific and technological enterprises in the areas, certain subsidies may be given according to the scale of the increase in capital of the enterprises and the new contribution of the newly established enterprises to the areas. Support enterprises to increase investment in R&D and innovation. After confirmation and signing of cooperation agreements, enterprises can be given up to 15% of the investment in R&D, and key support can be given to major technology investment projects or biotechnology, integrated circuit and other technological innovation projects with large initial investment and long cycle. Qualified headquarter projects with national or regional functions of R & D, operation, settlement and management may be subsidized according to their contribution to the district.

Vigorously promote the internationalization of industries. Improve the ability of enterprises to expand the international market, and support enterprises in the zone to carry out the global layout of research and development, production and sales, as well as overseas investment and merger. We will make great efforts to attract high-quality international enterprises and talents and enhance our capacity for international innovation and research and development. Encourage high-tech companies, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to set up research and development institutions in the district, and support the holding of large conferences and forums that are conducive to improving the international influence of the district. We will give full play to the strengths of various departments and social organizations to build a support service system conducive to enterprises' international business. Enterprises are encouraged to take out export credit insurance and overseas investment insurance to reduce their risks of internationalization.

6. Continue to deepen reform

Promote integrated development of urban and rural residents. We will promote innovation and reform of spatial distribution and development models, and increase the amount of land used for industry. Use land resources economically and intensively, encourage full use of aboveground and underground space, and further improve the "yield efficiency per mu" of land. We will explore new modes of land supply and construction for industrial projects, and reform the development and construction of industrial complexes. We will accelerate the comprehensive improvement of urban functional facilities, enhance the comprehensive capacity of public services, and provide guarantee for the agglomeration of high-tech industries and the all-round development of people.

We will comprehensively improve government services. We will deepen the reform of "one run at most", expand the scope and areas of government services, break isolated data islands, build data-sharing platforms, and build comprehensive service platforms that provide all-round services for enterprises and integrate online and offline services. We will deepen reform of the business system, deepen the application of the "one license, one code" system, and promote the application of the "one Internet connection for business registration" system to further improve the business environment.

Third, bylaw

1. The specific implementation opinions and operation rules of the Opinions shall be formulated by the relevant departments of the district according to the Opinions, and shall be organized for implementation after being decided by the district management committee and the government. All leading departments shall carefully prepare relevant budget plans, standardize the procedures of declaration, settlement and cash payment, and accept the supervision, inspection and evaluation of the implementation of policies and the use of funds by district finance and audit departments during the concrete implementation.

2. All policy funding (reward) objects shall be units with financial income level within the scope of Hi-tech Zone (Binjiang), and the projects involved shall conform to the key industry orientation of encouraged development of the Zone; Unless otherwise agreed, they are independent legal persons.

3. Key industries encouraged for development refer to strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries, such as information technology, life and health, cultural and creative industries, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence, new energy and new materials.

4. From the year when a new enterprise enters the zone, the total amount of financial aid (reward) to it within three years is generally limited to its total contribution to the zone in three years, and the amount of financial aid (reward) to it in subsequent years is limited to its total contribution to the zone in that year in principle. If there are other special provisions, such provisions shall prevail. "Contribution to the district" refers to the local financial resources formed by the total value added and profit realized by the enterprise.

5. If the same product, project or standard has obtained multiple funding (awards), the funding (awards) shall be carried out according to the principle of "preferential, high and no repetition". If the same award has been funded (awarded) in the lower level, the difference will be made up when the award is promoted to the higher level. The specific implementation standards for rent subsidies shall be separately formulated by the district management committee and the government.

6. The financial aid (reward) mentioned in this Opinions can be cashed in the following ways except directly: (1) R&D funding: for key innovation projects, the maximum amount of actual R&D investment can be handled at 30%. (2) Investment subsidy: the maximum 100% discount subsidy will be given to corporate bank loans according to the benchmark interest rate of bank loans in the same period; Major projects with newly introduced or newly added registered capital of 100 million yuan or more than 10 million dollars can be handled according to 5-10% of the actual registered capital. (3) Project funding: for major industrialization (technical transformation) projects, the maximum amount of investment can be handled at 20%. (4) Market development subsidy: the operating expenses incurred in establishing marketing networks at home and abroad shall not exceed 20% or 50% of the actual expenses incurred.

7. The Opinions shall come into force 30 days after promulgation. In 2017, those who meet the supporting conditions of the Opinions can refer to the implementation. The original document No. 62 [2015] of Hangzhou Gaoxin shall be abolished. If there is any discrepancy between other issued documents and this opinion, this opinion shall prevail.

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