Xixing ancient town was selected as the second batch of millennium ancient towns in the province
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Recently, according to the provincial department, provincial housing and construction department, provincial culture and tourism office, provincial administration of cultural heritage in zhejiang province "about to carry out the second batch of" ancient town (ancient villages) one thousand "places the determination of cultural heritage protection notice spirit, hangzhou binjiang west hing street, etc. 10 town in zhejiang province is listed as the second batch of" ancient town (ancient villages) one thousand "places of cultural heritage.

Xixing Old Street is located in the market town center of Xixing Street. Starting from Tieling Pass in the west and ending at Zifu Bridge in the east, it is 960 meters long. The earliest record of this place can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period, when Fan Li, a senior official of the State of Yue, built a city here to deny the State of Wu and became famous as the "First Pass in East Zhejiang". At the same time, Xixing Old Street is also the starting point of "The Road of Tang Poetry in Eastern Zhejiang". More than 100 famous poets, such as Li Bai, Du Fu and Lu You, have left many popular poems, which are of high historical research value and extraordinary significance.

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