Xixing Sub-district
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Located in the eastern entrance of Binjiang, Xixing Sub-district is the administration center, next to Xiaoshan Beigan Sub-district in the east, adjacent to Xianghu Lake in the south, connecting to Changhe Sub-district in the west, and facing the Qiantang River in the north. Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center and IOT Industrial Park are located in the north of this region; Beitang Riverside and Historic Conservation Area of Xixing Old Street can be found in the middle; Binjiang Industrial Park and White Horse Lake Eco-Creative City are seated in the south. It is the core construction area of the High-Tech Zone (Binjiang). With a total area of 17.6 square kilometers, it governs 13 communities (8 urban communities set up by dismantling villages and 5 urban communities). Its permanent resident population reaches 87,032 and its migrant population is 37,656. There are 153 party organizations subordinate to Street Party Working Committee, and 2,561 registered party members.

In recent years, Street Party Working Committee and relevant offices have firmly grasped the opportunity of high-tech industry development and urbanization, to set land requisition and demolishing as the premise, foundation and opportunity for the development of Xixing. It has persisted in the promotion of five key jobs, including “land requisition and demolishing, self-development, people’s livelihood guarantee, stability maintenance, and team construction”. Based on the whole village demolition of Xingmin Community, it realized the objective of taking the lead in completing demolition for the sub-district in advance in 2015. During demolition, the sub-district steadily implements village-level reserved land development by sticking to the principle of developing mature projects one by one. It persists in the “three wheels” including transformation and upgrading of enterprises at sub-district and village levels, village-level stock change, and reserved land development. Its industry development is accelerated and its strength is expanded. At present, 32 enterprises above designed size, including Haiwei Holding, Xingyao Holding, Wellong (National Science and Technology Business Incubator and College Students Pioneer Park), and Zuming Bean Products, have settled down in this region. Moreover, it has 1 modern leisure agricultural demonstration zone of top 10 in the province and 1 city-level secured bean product manufacturing base.

Xixing is an old town with a history of 1,000 years. Xixing Old Street is listed as one of the ten historic conservation blocks in Hangzhou City. Xixing Guotangxing Wharf has been listed as world cultural heritage. Direct transportation of rubbish is comprehensively implemented in the sub-district. It tries to create the bright spot of “one community, one feature”. It aims to establish smart communities by taking full advantage of the industrial strength of IOT on the basis of Xinzhou Intelligent Wiring Platform, Intelligent Experience Pavilion and Intelligent Auditorium. Moreover, it will make people in Xixing experience the achievements of smart city construction in the High-Tech Zone and improve the construction level of service-oriented primary party organizations.

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