Zhai Huiqing went to Gaoxin investment Group research work
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On the afternoon of December 20, Zhai Huiqing, a member of the District Party Committee's Standing Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department, conducted a research visit to Gaoxin Capital Investment Group. During the meeting, Gaoxin Capital Investment Group presented a report on the performance of industrial funds and investments in cultural and creative industries. After carefully listening to the report, Minister Zhai Huiqing acknowledged Gaoxin Capital Investment Group's support for the development of cultural and creative industries and put forward three requirements:

 Firstly, it is essential to enhance communication and interaction between the Cultural and Creative Development Center and Gaoxin Capital Investment Group. This will ensure effective management of financing needs for cultural and creative projects while seamlessly integrating capital operations with industry growth. 

 Secondly, we should fully utilize resources from the initial phase of high-tech science and technology innovation fund by increasing direct investments in regional cultural enterprises as well as expanding investment coverage to include cultural and creative enterprises within our region's industrial fund. 

 Lastly, we need to identify competent managers for high-quality cultural and creative industry funds. Actively exploring opportunities to establish sub-funds dedicated to cooperation within this sector will further strengthen Binjiang's (High-Tech Zone) position in promoting growth within its vibrant cultural and creative industry. 

 Moving forward, Gaoxin Capital Investment Group will prioritize its core business activities while actively seeking new avenues for collaboration. By leveraging our strong foundation in cooperative funding initiatives alongside equity investments, we aim to vigorously drive sustainable development within Binjiang's (High-Tech Zone) thriving cultural and creative industry.

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